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The history of 95, old 63,
Boulevard de l'Océan in Pyla-sur-Mer

The mythical address of Pyla
In the beginning in 1932

It all started in 1932, when Michel Bru declared that he wanted to operate a drinks outlet firing less than 23 ° in the villa Renée-Geneviève, on Place Meller (in the old numbering, the villa Renée-Geneviève was at number 61 and the restaurant La Guitoune at 63, you might think it was the same establishment). At the time, there was a garage-workshop attached to the villa. In the advertisement of Paris-Soir, on January 15, 1933, one can read "Pyla-sur-Mer La Guitoune, Rustic Hotel, comfortable, splendid view of Pilat". Monsieur Bru asked to stop operating on December 30, 1933.

The story continues in 1938, when the Association of Pyla-sur-Mer owners complained of the installation, by the Capeyron agency, of two panels for the sale of the pension "La Guitoune" . These signs are therefore incompatible with the specifications governing the seaside resort which requires obtaining a special authorization to trade in real estate.

It was on May 30, 1939 that La Guitoune became the property of Monsieur Sonthonnax. The owner of this hotel in Pyla sur Mer asks the town hall to invite his neighbor, Madame Tauzin, to have his land cleaned, adjoining his, because of the risk of fire, furthermore, snakes and snakes have found refuge there.

From April 15 to October 15, 1941, the hotel was requisitioned to make it available to 30 men of the occupying army. The restaurant room for 3 meals a day, service and linen are to be provided. The allowance is 10 francs per man per day, food being provided by the occupying army.

In 1945, Jacques Choisi succeeds Monsieur Sonthonnax.

The golden age of La Guitoune A family story

The great years of the Guitoune began in 1947, Mr. André Scappazzoni bought it through the agency Capeyron. Mr. Scappazzoni takes care of the room, while Mrs. Andrée Main, a 'sacred cook', is in the kitchen and practices great gastronomy. They are helped by Ubaldo Scappazzoni, their nephew, who does the accounting, and by Iulo Tesini, their war godson.

Mme Scappazzoni-Malnoé extols gastronomy The legend of the establishment

“Gastronomy is also one of the attractions of Pyla […]. It is recommended to consume there the specialties specific to the Arcachon Bay: but first of all the universally appreciated oysters, which one tastes alone or accompanied by a small sausage called “Crépinette” […].

The immediate proximity of the Bordeaux region allows you to taste on our tables: Bordeaux crayfish, snails […]. From the Landes Girondines, here is the delicious foie gras, fresh with grapes, or canned, confits too, goose or duck.

Added to this is the incomparable range of Bordeaux Wines, from the most prestigious bottles of all the Grands Crus, to lesser known but still frank and delicious wines from this region blessed by the gods. "

From 1952 to 1973 The restaurant & the hotel

In 1952, extensions were undertaken with the addition of a restaurant and a hotel. At least since 1956, La Guitoune is the property of the company Malnoé & Cie and is operated by Mrs. Rosalie Héloïse Malnoé, married to Mr. Scappazzoni. In 1958, Mr. Scappazzoni signed a letterhead "La Guitoune, owners Malnoé & Scappazzoni", indicating that it offers 17 rooms. The same year, the Arcachon directory reports “La Guitoune, 3 stars, 20 rooms; the price of the pension ranges from 3,000 francs to 4,600 francs including tax ”.

From 1973 to today The great return

After a few sleepy years, to be passed between different hands, La Guitoune is reborn. It was in 2016 that two Bordeaux architects, Ducos and Rougier, with the help of Bambi Sloan, put a magic wand on the legendary hotel in Pyla-sur-Mer. They were able to combine a classic Basque facade with the inimitable decoration of Bambi Sloan. La Guitoune now has a bar, a restaurant and a hotel with 24 comfortable rooms.